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No one should control your life but YOU


Never be stuck or overwhelmed again!


Improve your results, relationships, income & discover ultimate personal freedom 


What you think about, you bring about.

When you control your mind, you control your life

Break Through Limitations

The only limits are the ones in your mind. The Keys To Mastery will set you free to redefine your potential

Achieve Goals Faster 

Accomplish more with ease by learning how to collapse time and close the gap between you and your goals

Lasting Peace Of Mind

Learn how to sustain a higher state of being & emotional freedom, inner peace, clarity & confidence 

Do you often...


Worry about your future?

Doubt your own potential?

Imagine unpleasant outcomes?


Or perhaps you...


Re-live memories of the past 

Allow people's opinions to control you

Focus on how you can't & what could go wrong


The bottom line is this:

There's only one thing that's actually holding you back from living the life you desire & deserve...


How you think!

We've helped so many people:


Create financial freedom

Build & transform relationships

Start & grow businesses to 6-figures +

Find inner peace & true freedom

Heal from physical conditions

Advance their career


And more...


And they did it simply by learning to THINK differently and MASTER the instrument of their Mind. 



How Does It Work?

Step 1 - In-Depth Trainings

Every week for 6 weeks, a new Key will be unlocked in your video library. Each Key has an incredibly powerful, in-depth training from Freedom Mentor,  success coach & mindset expert, Shimrit Nativ. In these trainings, you will discover your 6 Keys To Mastery - the mental tools you were born with, which you use to create & construct reality in real time. Mastering even one of these keys will allow you to create a whole new world!

Step 2 - Subconscious Work 

You will gain access to a series of enlightening guided meditation which you will use to train & develop the keys of your mind. By accessing a meditative state, you will access your subconscious mind & through your training, you will install a new set of beliefs, thought patterns & perceptions that will change how you see the world, & therefore change the world you live in.

Step 3 - Action & Integration

This isn't just a mental exercise! In order to master the 6 keys & take control of your life, you must put training into action. Action is the language of the physical world & it's only through action that you can truly integrate & demonstrate your mastery. You'll be guided how to take action with the 6 keys in mind, & the physical world will react accordingly by Law. This is how you will unlock new levels of Abundance & freedom.

Included Bonuses:

Guided Meditations

Including 8 powerful guided meditations which will help train your higher faculties & re-wire your subconscious 
FREE Month Membership
Including a bonus of one free month in our coaching & community membership. Access to a rich library of resources and live calls

3 Month Access

This program is delivered over 6 weeks but you'll have 3 months access. This will move you to action while giving you the time to repeat and integrate.

How would it feel...

ūüóĚÔłŹ¬†To be free from judgement, & not constantly concerned with what other people might think of you or your choices?


ūüóĚÔłŹ¬†To have a lively imagination? Creativity & intuition will go a long way to improving your relationships & business!


ūüóĚÔłŹ To not¬†be controlled by your fears, but instead have the courage &¬†confidence to do the things you've always wanted?


ūüóĚÔłŹ¬†To see & seize the opportunity in every challenge, & create favourable outcomes where others see failure?¬†


ūüóĚÔłŹ To have a fantastic memory & focus and be able to process important information with accuracy & ease?¬†


This is what to expect when you unlock your mind with the 6 Keys:

✅ Use your mind to multiply your income & maximise your earning potential by following your intuition & imagination.


✅ Have more energy and vitality in your body.


✅ Attract greater career opportunities, & more people wanting to do business with you. 


‚úÖ Become an effective & respected leader. Have the confidence to take control of situations, with the ability to find creative solutions.


✅ Grow happier, healthier, long-lasting relationships with less arguments, & more love & laughter.



Things just fell into place & opportunities are opening up for me. It's like watching miracles come together.


I'm working less hours & have 75% income growth! I even managed to secure a dream vacation home.


I can use these techniques for the next 50 years - Shimrit is the best personal development teacher that I know.



6 Keys to Mastery + The Prosperity code + The Inclusive (1 month)



Presented by

Shimrit Nativ

Freedom & Success Mentor

Founder & CEO of Master Your Path

Shimrit Nativ is a Mentor, transformational & success coach and mindset expert who has helped hundreds of driven and creative individuals across the globe create and sustain a consistent baseline of confidence, success and fulfilment.


Accredited and certified ICF professional coach, Proctor Gallagher Consultant & Executive Contributor on Brainz Magazine.
Shimrit is a successful entrepreneur who built a 6-figure business in less than a year and made multiple pivots in her career as a musician, teacher, coach, mentor, manager, leader and mother.