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Science-Based Spiritual Growth For Emotional & Financial Freedom

Freedom & well-being are you birthrights

Breakthrough your limits & activate your abundance

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Personal 1:1 Mentorship

Get the support you need when you need it from your personal MYP coach with weekly calls that fit your schedule.

Lifetime Access

Enjoy lifetime access to exclusive Master Your Path courses & material. Plus, special MYP bonuses & offers

Mastermind Coaching

Direct & personal guidance from Shimrit Nativ with hot seat coaching in our weekly Mastermind calls

Set The Destination

We'll help you pick a path that aligns with your passions & values

Follow The Blueprint

You'll follow a precise process that blends science & spirituality to show you the way

Live The Dream

In 9 months, you'll need a telescope to look back & see how far you've come

Feeling stuck or limited & looking for a breakthrough?


Have you ever felt like you're doing everything you can to manifest your dreams, but the results just don't meet your expectations?

Or maybe you're working around-the-clock out of fear that the results will crumble if you stop?

We know how frustrating that is, & even the burn-out it can lead it.

It's just not right to live that way.

Freedom & well-being are your birthrights.

Don't let doubts, past failures or people's opinions define your potential.

There is a path to emotional & financial freedom...

In The Next 9 Months, You Could Be…


  • Earning 6-figures a year & monetising your passions
  • Producing that movie you've been dreaming of
  • Walking confidently into your dream job
  • Transforming your physical health & well-being
  • Enjoying deeper connection with your partner & kids
  • Experiencing emotional freedom, inner strength, & long-lasting peace

There is a science & a process to creating consistent transformation.

And the best part? This works for everyone!


Data and Analytics Engineer

"What I couldn't achieve working with other coaches over the last 5 years, I have achieved with Shimrit in the last 4 months."


Professor, Writer & Coach

"I needed someone to help me around my own subconscious and you've been such a gift to me. You're like an emotional surgeon!"


Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

"I'm working less hours & have 75% income growth! I even managed to secure a dream vacation home."


Leader, Teacher and Artist

"Things just fell into place & opportunities are just opening up to me. It's like watching miracles come together."

Helping real people get real results with less effort.

Ready to breakthrough to a world of freedom & possibilities?

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The MYP Mastermind

Give birth to your potential


A lot can happen in 9 months. We've seen so many lives change on a permanent & profound level - physically, emotionally, spiritually, professionally.

The Master Your Path Mastermind will help you:

  • Discover & empower yourself on a higher level
  • Overcome obstacles with grace & expert guidance
  • Put an end to the frustration of feeling limited in life

This is what it means to Master Your Path.

And here's what you can expect from us...

What's Inside The Mastermind?

Community is key

Mastermind Coaching & Community

Experience the power of the Mastermind. The MYP family is focused on one thing - new levels of growth with deep meaning, purpose & satisfaction.

  • Powerful & impactful hot-seat coaching with Shimrit Nativ
  • Weekly live group calls with empowered leaders
  • Exponentially boost your confidence, discipline & persistence

In 9 months, you’ll need a telescope to see how far you've come!

Discover the path

MYP Blueprint

Lifetime access to a clear & precise blueprint for truly mastering your path.

  • Presented by Shimrit Nativ
  • 12 short and powerful video modules
  • Integration of science & spirituality into daily practices

This is an immense resource that will allow you to continually reach new heights in your personal, professional & spiritual evolution.

Tailored & personalised

1:1 Mentorship With an MYP Coach

This is what makes the difference. Your success is our success & our exclusive MYP Coaches will adapt their support to your needs:

  • Weekly 1-to-1 guidance calls
  • Flexible scheduling to fit your needs
  • Daily support with your private coach via WhatsApp

We're ready to go ALL-IN with you on this. What are you waiting for?

The exact process for

Thinking Into Results

A step-by-step process for shifting paradigms and turning challenges into achievements. Ignite change at the level where results are first created - in your mind. 

  • Made by leaders, for leaders
  • Powerful, comprehensive proven formula
  • Simple, practical tools & lessons with lifetime access

SPOILER ALERT: The process is so much simpler than you think!

Take The Leap

Meet The MYP Team

Shimrit Nativ

Founder & CEO of MYP, Success & Freedom Mentor

Rees Tabor

PGI Consultant, MYP Coach

Ann Pieters

Growth Mindset & MYP Coach

Danielle Valkenborghs

Psychologist & MYP Coach 

Atar Av

Growth Mindset & MYP Coach 

Mahzabin Haque

Executive Assistant & Support

MYP Mastermind Is For You If...


  • You're driven but feel limited
  • You're chasing goals & need guidance
  • You want more free time & peace of mind
  • You dream of making real breakthroughs
  • You want personalised coaching experience 


YES, I want in!

Shimrit Nativ

Shimrit is a mentor, mother, teacher, wife, musician, mindset expert & Transformational Success Coach who has helped hundreds of driven and creative people across the globe create and sustain consistently high levels of confidence, success and fulfilment.

NSC (Neuro-Change Solutions) consultant in-training with Dr. Joe Dispenza, accredited and certified ICF professional coach, certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant.

What attracts many people is Shimrit's unique & eloquent way of blending science & spirituality to open hearts & minds - not to mention her spontaneous & magnetic energy!

"Shimrit is mind-blowing. Every day is such a gift and I’m truly blessed."

- Martin

Certified Life Coach & Actor

"I can use these techniques for the next 50 years! Shimrit's the best teacher I know."

- Penny

VP in Major Media Channel

"An investment with Shimrit is an investment in yourself & it'll come back 10x or more." 

- Lucinda

Sales Operations Manager 

Welcome Bonus: 6K2M


As a Welcome-Bonus to the MYP Mastermind, you'll also receive the 6 Keys To Mastery program.

Stop the self-sabotage & free your mind to re-gain control & confidence.

Develop your 6 higher faculties to discover an extraordinary life from ordinary situations. 

6 powerful & profound modules delivered over 6 weeks with action steps & practical tools.

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