About Shimrit

Shimrit Nativ is the CEO and founder of Master Your Path Community and Programs.

Mentor, transformational coach and mindset expert who has helped hundreds of driven and creative individuals across the globe create and sustain a consistent baseline of calm, confidence and fulfilment.

Shimrit is a 40+ years old mother, entrepreneur and professional musician, with a past rich performing career and a bachelor degree in composition and jazz music.

Accredited ICF approved and certified professional coach.

A certified "Dream-Teacher", Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner and Mindset-to-Manifestation Coach.

Specialise in helping people to shift their thought frames, heal trauma, eliminate limiting beliefs and leap to the next level of their fulfilment.

Read all about her background, what it is like to work with her, what she expects from her client and how her programs work in the FAQ's below.

The 4 Levels Process

If you’re looking for a heart driven, straight-forward, TANGIBLE strategy that will help you learn a skill-set to reach and sustain your highest well being then you're in the right place. Shimrit's motto: "Wellbeing is a skill you can practice and master”.

As the creator of the Master Your Path system, Shimrit has developed a process that consists of 4 fundamental keys: cognitive, emotional healing, spiritual practice and consistent daily support that allows the momentum needed to create a sustainable change.

Shimrit’s system combines all 4 levels - cognitive processes like shifting habitual thought frames, meditations and subconscious healing and reprogramming.

Learn how to find inner peace, deep healing  and self love, thrive in your relationships, improve your connections and communications, set healthy boundaries and understanding, ignite your self worth and abundance, awaken your creative power and tap into your inner guidance.

Master Your Path Method


The MYP method combines the 4 pillars of a sustainable transformational journey:

  • Cognitive & Behavioural:
    The Conscious Level
  • Emotional Healing:
    The Subconscious Level & Inner Child Work
  • Spiritual Practice:
    Meditations, Kundalini, Dream Work, Qigong & more
  • Consistency:
    Dedicated Daily Support 

Learn and implement proven tools and processes, combining Meditations, CBT, Visualizations, Inner Child Work, Dream Work and more to create lasting joy, confidence  and prosperity.

Shimrit is on a mission to help individuals master the skill of wellbeing, and create a powerful ripple effect in their relationships, professional life, parenting and health. As a Master Your Path graduate once said: “Shimrit changes the world, one person at a time”.


Frequently Asked Questions

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