Client's Results



Academic Research

"Before working with Shimrit I was struggling with general anxiety and panic attacks. I decided to quit taking the pills and was looking for new ways to overcome this.
I was struggling to set my own boundaries for myself, which sometimes made me follow standards that didn’t serve me. It was also very hard for me to think about my future without fear.
Shimrit helped me to find a new way of looking at myself, with much clarity and simplicity. She helped me change patterns which were blocking me from being confident and happier"

David Ikonomou

Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer

“Beautiful work, in all the aspects I experienced: revealing dreamwork, gaining insights into inner worlds I couldn't have imagined :) wonderful breath & voice meditation, diving into our raw vibration and silence.
The coaching guidance was super helpful and clarifying! Thank you dear Shimrit”


Dancer & Artist

“Before working with Shimrit I had a hard time dealing with practical aspects of my life. I was lacking structure and consistency that would allow me to express myself.
Shimrit helped me reflect on my feelings and self-talk, find new ways of thinking about my problems and gain the focus I was lacking to move forward. It allowed me to look through a window into the future, with strong emotions and a sense of knowing that opened a long perspective on my path.
As a result of working with Shimrit, I developed new ways of thinking and the ability to take new practical steps in my life. I now feel I can go beyond my own fear and project myself in the world."



Web Developer

"After years of dealing with suicidal thoughts and self-abusive mind rhetoric, I woke up and realized that things can’t keep on like that. I was diagnosed with dysthymia, a persistent depressive disorder and subsequently started taking antidepressants, SSRIs, and entered a three-year process of psychodynamic therapy sessions. I managed to advance greatly in this time, becoming much more aware and honest with myself and eventually quitting the pills as well. But something was still missing for me, I felt in need of more practical tools for sustaining my mental balance, and I was craving a spiritual transformation. At this point, I reached out to Shimrit.

The most meaningful thing for me was the true realisation that I already have all the tools I need within me in order to achieve what I want and that the key to wielding them lies in practising letting go of my inner resistance. 

In confronting my inner resistance I was becoming aware of the wonderful space that exists within me and became aware that I am able to guide myself through my journey. I also feel that I became a lot more honest and truthful with myself and more able to let go of my stubbornness to hold on to feelings that are not rewarding for me. I feel I can now focus better on aligning my thoughts and mind with the life I want to live."



Media Professional & Mom

"When I reached out I was looking for guidance on how to overcome my anxiety or overthinking I was overwhelmed and confused.

Shimrit gave me the right space to express myself, I felt comfortable and open and the tools you shared with me to meditate or organize my daily schedule guided

Working with Shimrit made me realize that I needed to breakdown situations and my emotions to see better and feel better."




Journalist & Yoga Teacher

"I usually didn't know where to start with almost anything I wanted to do. Everything seemed way too comprehensive to be successful. Shimrit taught me how to focus on small steps on the way to success and generate a positive mindset about challenges. I learned different tools of self-organization and how to be efficient instead of aimlessly making efforts without getting the results that I wanted.
Shimrit is very versatile and I appreciate her musical vein and kind of shamanic approach to gaining clarity a lot. The most amazing thing we did was a dream journey. Shimrit told me how to connect to my subconsciousness and remember my dreams by setting an intention to do so. In one of the sessions I continued the dream I had had the night before and the outcome of this exercise was as amazing as helpful.
After having worked with Shimrit I know plenty of tools I can use to organize myself better, focus my thoughts and set priorities. In other words: I know how to get things done and feel good :)"



Dancer & Yoga Teacher

"Beautiful and deep work, connecting to oneself and others, bringing light and joy, treasures, from the unconsciousness into consciousness. The dreamwork is the voicing meditation, in an authentic, warm and safe atmosphere. Beautiful work, Shimrit. Thank you!"



Curator & Dramaturg

“I had a specific problem,
making a decision about my
priorities and work as an
employee and a freelancer.
Shimrit helped me to
disentangle the problem and
break it down into more simple
questions As a result I was able
to make a clearer plan, talk to
my boss about the issues I
needed to talk to him about
and organize myself better”


Performance Artist & Musician

“We found together new languages and depths. We dived into the darkness of the soul and lit it up”