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Manifesting Success & Wellbeing Through Science & Spirituality

Integrate science-based spiritual teachings & mindset training to propel your personal, professional  & spiritual development.

Join live coaching calls with Shimrit Nativ and immerse yourself in an environment of inspiring people that will enrich your journey and empower you to step into your greatness & purpose.


Does it feel like...

Walking the path of personal, professional & spiritual development can be lonely or isolating?
It can sometimes feel like a struggle without a supportive community & professional guidance.

Has the struggle to find an affordable solution become a barrier, hindering your path to meaningful growth?

Searching for the answers & information can be exhausting & frustrating, especially in the absence of a holistic, accessible platform that combines spirituality & mindset training.

This is exactly why we created The Inclusive!

Welcome To

The MYP Inclusive Community

Elevate your personal, professional & spiritual growth at The MYP Inclusive!

Join our active community focused on personal progress & development.
Integrate science-based spiritual teachings, principles of success & universal laws to find your path & learn how to navigate through life with more ease & abundance.


Unwrap Your Gifts

Embark on a journey of self-discovery supported by daily study, empowering mindset training & supported by a professional team and a like-minded community. 

Picture this: 
Having an exclusive space that is inclusive for all, outside of the distractions of social media, where you connect every day with guidance & support, have access to life-changing resources and bi-weekly live calls.

The MYP Inclusive gives you the right resources to study in order to develop an empowering mindset & open yourself to a new level of understanding, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually! Join the community today.


Imagine if you had...

Clarity & Purpose

Experience a profound shift as you gain clarity on your purpose & direction, aligning your actions with your passions.

Deeper Spiritual Connection

Journey deeper, exploring guided meditations & resources to enrich your awareness of connection to Source.

Increased Self-Confidence

Cultivate a heightened sense of confidence to assertively pursue your goals & embrace opportunities with assurance.

Improved Relationships

Enhance & build meaningful relationships in your life through expanded awareness & applying your higher faculties.

Financial Health

Achieve financial empowerment through The Science Of Getting Rich & learn to work in harmony with The Laws of Abundance.

Tranformative Mindset

Experience transformative mindset shifts, breaking free from limiting beliefs & adopting a empowered mental framework

What's Included:

Live Training

Enjoy powerful monthly trainings & teachings from Shimrit Nativ, exclusive to members of the community.


Join a lively community where we inspire, empower & collaborate with each other & increase the value for all.

Meditation Library

Find tranquility, introspection & focus in the meditation library, to enhance your spiritual well-being & daily life.

Specialised Study

Access a wealth of specialised knowledge & resources curated to fast-track your growth & provide new tools.

Challenges & More

Take part in monthly challenges to inspire growth, resilience, & a deeper connection with yourself.


How it started:

Many people who go through our free workshops or connect with Shimrit online wish to continue the work and keep the momentum with the inspiration they received, but for whatever reason can't join the MYP Mastermind.

So we decided to extend the opportunity to do exactly that, and we named it (at first) "The Exclusive".
But then we thought:

At Master Your Path, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a life of purpose & freedom. We're on a mission to deliver this material and guidance to as many people as possible. We want to include, not exclude...

This information should be taught in schools! 

And so it is: The Inclusive. 

Join us, so we can together change the world, one person at a time.



What The Community Can Bring You...

Network Opportunities

Grow your network of high-value people leading to collaborations, partnerships & new opportunities.

Guest Teacher Role

Members of our community have the opportunity to host their own live session to share their gifts & talents.

Increased Confidence

Boost your confidence through positive interaction & accomplishments, building belief in your abilities.

About Shimrit Nativ

Shimrit Nativ is a mentor, transformation success coach, mindset expert & month who has helped hundreds of driven & creative individuals across the world create & sustain a consistent baseline of confidence, success & fulfilment.

Accredited & certified ICF professional coach, Proctor Gallagher Consultant & NCS Consultant in-training with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Shimrit built a 6-figure coaching business in a matter of months & made multiple pivots in her life & career as a musician, teacher, coach, manager, leader & mother.


Access The MYP Inclusive

Become a member of The MYP Inclusive for just ‚ā¨9.99 a month & you can cancel at any time. Your path to personal, professional & spiritual growth starts here. Join The Inclusive today!